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I am a professor in the Foundations of Education program at Virginia Tech. I teach courses in the foundations of education--the social sciences and humanities applied to education and schooling as an object of study--and in qualitative research methods.

My work focuses on…

Qualitative Research

Qualitative writing

Arts-based research


critical EDUCATION


Politics in education

School food politics

Gender and sexuality in schools

Education policy

“Policy ecology”

School food policy

Gender policy

Comics studies

Using comics as research (comics-based research)

Wonder Woman

Gender and sexuality

Boys and masculinities

Gender and sexuality in schools


Publication Highlights

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  • Weaver-Hightower, M. B. (2022). Unpacking school lunch: Understanding the hidden politics of school food. Palgrave.
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Select Articles

  • Wolgemuth, J. R., Marn, T. M., Barko, T., & Weaver-Hightower, M. B. (2022). Radical uncertainty is not enough: (In)Justices of post-qualitative research. International Review of Qualitative Research, 14(4), 575-593.
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Unpacking School Lunch is a wonderfully written fresh original and utterly compelling account of what advocates are up against in getting schools to serve healthier more sustainable meals to kids This book is an absolute must read for anyone who cares about what kids eat
Marion Nestle NYU

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